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Retropolis wurde veröffentlicht und ist das zweite Studioalbum der schwedischen Progressive-Rock-Band The Flower Kings. Die Kunst des Albums ist vom Film Metropolis inspiriert. Rhythm of life; Retropolis; Rhythm of the sea; There is more to this world; Romancing the city; The melting pot; Silent sorrow; The Judas kiss; Retropolis by night. Retropolis. +. The Flower King. +. Banks of Eden. Gesamtpreis: EUR 29, Alle drei in den Einkaufswagen. Diese Artikel werden von verschiedenen Verkäufern​. Ausserdem das hymnische, vielschichtige "The Judas Kiss". Die kurzen Einleitungs-/Zwischenstücke "Rhythm Of Life", "Romancing The City" und "​Retropolis By. Retropolis by Basement & SterilOne, released 1. Intro 2. L.O.S.T. 3. Mezkalin 4. Trampelpfadgedanken 5. Lichtblick mit Melodic 6. Regen 7.


Ausserdem das hymnische, vielschichtige "The Judas Kiss". Die kurzen Einleitungs-/Zwischenstücke "Rhythm Of Life", "Romancing The City" und "​Retropolis By. Retropolis. 34 likes · 3 were here. Do you want to enter the nostalgic music journey? Seid ihr Fans von Musik aus den 50ern - 90ern? Liebt ihr Retro. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Basement, Sterilone - Retropolis at Discogs. Complete your Basement, Sterilone collection.

Retropolis Video


Retropolis Video

Happy Wheels - ΤΡΑΓΙΚΟΣ παίκτης #44 Original or not, it's still a decent Bundesliga RГјckrunde. Roine Young Black Jack and Tomas Bodin are giving their very best here on their instruments and the rhythm section with Michael Stolt and Jaime Salazar is excellent as well. Flora Majora is another instrumental piece, coming in at just short of seven minutes long. Filter reviews by the user's playtime when the review was written:. And I like it a lot. We are currently developing new characters, playing cards, and other items. All leaders begin their journey with a deck of 8 basic cards. Such beauty is remarkable in their song-writting. Spitzenrezensionen Neueste zuerst Spitzenrezensionen. Pichireddu A. Mack H. Etwas verklausulierter ist Frankreich Albanien Statistik die Anspielungdie " sea " sei " home for you and me ". Abseits des Einheitsbreis - mit viel Liebe zum Detail. Ulf Artan Wallander. Alles in allem ist Beste Spielothek in Tielen finden somit dann doch eine ziemlich starke Platte. Westhagen J.

Retropolis - Retropolis

Amazon berechnet die Sternbewertungen eines Produkts mithilfe eines maschinell gelernten Modells anstelle des Durchschnitts der Rohdaten. Informationen zur gesenkten USt. Hauck G. Roine Stolt.

Retropolis - Hinweise und Aktionen

Leichte Abzüge gibt es vielleicht auch für das zu Beginn allzu 'gewöhnliche' "Silent Sorrow" dessen Instrumentalpart den Song allerdings wieder rettet und das etwas belanglose "Flora Majora". Hans Bruniusson. Straske T. Nur für kurze Zeit. Warum wie ein Kleinod? Audio-CD, Meet the Flower Kings: live recording Nicht so hier. Ehrhardt P. Daneben geht es aber auch noch um Wild Buffalo fiktive Stadt, die von Roine Stolt mit viel Fantasie im Booklet beschrieben wird. Hauck G. Roine Stolt's The. Shan Jay. Die CD The Flower Kings: Retropolis jetzt probehören und für 8,99 Euro kaufen. Mehr von The Flower Kings gibt es im Shop. Retropolis kommt zu Brawl Stars! Mach dich bereit für einen neuen Brawler, neue Skins und vieles mehr! Bibi. Hauptattacke: Aller guten Dinge. This is Retropolis!! A maze of vintage and old clothes, you can easily get lost in here. Take a look around to see a small part of this awesome store in the. Retropolis. 34 likes · 3 were here. Do you want to enter the nostalgic music journey? Seid ihr Fans von Musik aus den 50ern - 90ern? Liebt ihr Retro. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Basement, Sterilone - Retropolis at Discogs. Complete your Basement, Sterilone collection.

Retropolis Wird oft zusammen gekauft

Mensing J. Style Like U. If you choose not to wear oneyou will be asked to leave. For me this album is possibly the second weakest as it is not quite changed enough compared to early albums Hard Rock Punta Cana terms of experimentation and also I don't find the songs to particularly memorable THAT said A weaker flower kings album is still what most bands put out in a lucky streak if they are lucky. Mehr erfahren. Eigentlich eine Retropolis Gelegenheit sich mal wieder mit dem älteren Output der Blumenkönige zu beschäftigen, der ja angeblich Pate für Beste Spielothek in Denkzell finden aktuelle Album gestanden haben soll Dieses Scheibchen ist ein wahrer Pflichtkauf. Brückner M. Klar, das ist nichts Neues, so etwas haben King Crimson schon in den 70ern auf Platte gebracht, aber die Ungerade Im Roulette sind klasse durchkomponiert und ergänzen irgendwie das schon Bekannte. Retropolis

At one point an enormous cathedral organ appears out of nowhere and takes over the track much to my delight. I LOVE that sound. Have I mentioned the extremely tight rhythm section of drummer Jaime Salazar and bassist Michael Stolt?

Shame on me. They are the epoxy that holds it all together and they are magnificent throughout this album.

This is where these boys shine. Church bells tolling in the distance, wolf howls and another large dose of the cathedral organ mark the intro to "The Judas Kiss," a straightforward for this bunch, at least heavy rocker that has a little of everything.

After the initial verses a musical section ensues featuring some engaging Hammond organ from Bodin, followed by a calmer freeform segment where the piano, acoustic, synthesizers, a brash electric guitar and the soprano sax spar for a minute or two.

This all seems to be leading up to a grand finale but then the number stops abruptly on a dime. You never know what to expect from the FKs.

Disastrously, Tomas was granted one final contribution. And so is this track. This of dismal synthesized techno-pop accompanied by ridiculous incidental bumps and grinds should have been trucked out to the Retropolis land fill and buried.

It's an instrumental that starts out with an ELP flavor, it succeeds in being melodic without becoming predictable and their skillful reprise of one of the themes from "There is More to this World" is a highlight of the album.

Opting to close out on a sober but optimistic note, "The Road Back Home" is a hymn-like ballad where Roine trades vocal lines with himself over full, strumming acoustic guitars and Wallander adds serene soprano sax while the band slowly builds upon intertwining synthesizers.

The song culminates in a cavernous wall of sound that will shake the room and bring a smile to your face.

There's a lot to be said for the validity of the dreaded "sophomore jinx" and perhaps that is what affected this album more than anything else. It surely wasn't from a lack of effort or talent and maybe they had bundled their best material for the impressive CD that preceded it, "Back in the World of Adventures.

Did you hear THAT? It's time to go to the album, but lets forget about the opener "Rhythm of Life", because it's only a mixture of sounds Ping Pong game with the phrase Rhythm of Life repeated three times , honestly don't understand what the guys pretended with this.

Now, "Retropolis" is another thing, now we are talking about an excellent instrumental that mixes everything, hard rock guitars, Symphonic Prog and a killer guitar by Roine Stolt.

The song is full of Radical changes that go from Prog to Neo Classical, and an outstanding keyboard work by Tomas Bodin; that's what Prog is about, in the 70's,, 90's and today.

Excellent song, minutes of Pure Prog. Good but not great track. Again the radical changes and strong organ are a highlight, this time mysterious and dark, with Roine making some growling vocals.

But again in their ever changing style move to an oriental somehow Moorish section that morphs into an almost cacophonic hard rock instrumental, another great track.

The sound of bells announces "The Judas Kiss", a wonderful organ intro leads again to hard section where Roine makes a good but short guitar solo, the vocals in this case are very interesting, because unlike the previous tracks there are strong variations, rises and goes down, with the keyboards supporting the voice and a guitar work which reminds me a bit of Iron Maiden but softer.

Again multiple changes and variations make of "The Judas Kiss" another high point of the album. Not my cup of tea, but not bad either.

Te big question is how can I rate this album? Four stars seems too much for me, being that I gave that rating to strongest and more imaginative albums, but at the same time three stars seems insufficient.

So I will have to be a bit unfair and stay with three stars, not without saying that 3. The songs are generally pretty long Though not as long as some of the songs on later albums and complex in structure which is business as usual for The Flower Kings but the mood in most songs on the album is very dark and intense which is quite unusual for the band.

There are songs here and there on some of their other albums that are dark too but The Flower Kings music is predominantly positive and light.

The musicianship is excellent. The rythm section plays some incredible tight and interesting parts while Bodin and Stolt really shine in the melodic department.

He has never sounded more intense. I really enjoy his singing as well. He often receives critique for his vocal style but his approach sooths my ears.

The production is excellent. Very professional and well sounding. Polished as always. As I said in the beginning of my review I regard Retropolis to be a progressive rock masterpiece and I will rate it 5 stars.

I often hear people complaining that The Flower Kings is a retro prog band with no original ideas which is not my view on the band. I actually find it a bit unfair to such a great band but people of course have a right to their opinion.

I particularly enjoy Retropolis , the title track obviously , a fantastic instrumental, one of the best the band has ever performed. And The Judas Kiss is great,far superior to the live recording released a few years later.

And the aforementioned The Road Back Home moves me. Because to me the road back home does lead to seventies prog. At the time I still haven't heard of Mike Oldfield's Amarok so a minute composition seemed like a very ambitious idea.

Although I didn't really like The Garden Of Dreams as much as I wanted to it gave me a taste for the band that I just had to follow up. Retropolis was the first album I managed to pick up at one of the bigger music stores in central Stockholm and it became my album introduction to The Flower Kings!

What I like the most about Retropolis is its consistency and that there aren't any very long tracks that overshadow the rest of the album which becomes somewhat of a problem for me on some of their other releases.

I've never been too enthusiastic about Roine Stolt's vocal style which makes me think more about blues than progressive rock but it doesn't ruin the music for me.

What does on the other hand get tiring and becomes even more apparent on the band's other releases is the lack of creativity.

It's almost as if Roine Stolt decided to write the same kind of tunes for the rest of his life and although it does work here the album can hardly be called ambitions in its songwriting.

After listening to two more releases I guess it's safe to say that Retropolis is my personal favorite but they aren't that far apart. Still I consider this band somewhat overrated in comparison to many other fine acts so this particular album is good, but non-essential.

It opens with a somewhat pointless 28 seconds of ping pong, before gliding into the first epic of the album, the title track itself, which is a fantastic instrumental.

This has just about every classic prog influence going without ever sounding anything other than original. Retro, yes, but derivative, no. Full of incredible guitar, organ, synths, and bass solos, this one starts at a cracking pace, at times wholly symphonic, at others more avant-garde.

Then, for the last couple of minutes, we get the most lovely acoustic guitar passage, when the whole tempo slows down to a chilling effect to the close.

Rhythm of the Sea follows, this one clocking in at just over six minutes long. The first minute consists of some rather aimless noodling, rather like the opener, before we get another lovely acoustic guitar passage backing a sensitive Stolt vocal.

The synths introduced almost three minutes in are clearly influenced by Banks in his mid's period, as are, I suppose, the electric guitar passages that follow?

A very good piece of music. There is More to This World follows, and this is the next epic track, weighing in at just over 10 minutes long.

It is dominated at the opening section by a swirling organ, and there are some solid vocal harmonies backing Stolt's lead vocals. Once the track moves into its mid-section we get an extended instrumental section which is the first one on the album clearly influenced by the band who they are perhaps most associated with in terms of style?

The musicianship is never anything less than accomplished and, again, the tempo is fantastically upbeat. That is one of the main features of why I love this band?

Witness the fantastic organ solo at five minutes in. Then at six minutes in, we get the most lovely vocal backed by another beautifully flowing acoustic guitar piece, and the closing section then takes this to a wholly symphonic level, with wall to wall sound that is quite incredible and wholly original to boot.

Stolt is also spot on lyrically? One of my all time favourite TFK tracks, this is a fantastic track and worth the price of the album alone.

Romancing The City is a pleasant 53 second long piano solo. Filler, yes, but pleasant filler at that. It flows into The Melting Pot, and many passages contain a great soprano sax solo.

There isn't enough sax in this world, and this is an example of what many bands are missing! This is a very jazz orientated track, certainly in terms of the clear improvisation that is taking place.

I am not a keen jazz lover, but I most certainly am of intelligent improvisation and instrumentalism. This track has them in spades.

More traditional symphonic prog reasserts itself towards the close of the track, and I have to say that Bodin has rarely sounded better than he does on this album.

His keyboards really soar. The opening passage is led by vocals and keys, very upbeat and very solid in a bluesy fashion without being wholly remarkable.

It is certainly, to my ears, the weakest vocal passage on the album. However, just prior to three minutes in, there follows the most incredible guitar solo, backed by heavy bass, which are, unfortunately, interspersed by more of the rather grating vocals.

The Judas Kiss what a great title! Stolt's vocals at the commencement, backed by powerful keys and guitars, are very strong. He's also backed by some dogs, a la Floyd!

There follow some incredible bursts of classic musicianship, especially Stolt's guitar solo. One of the finest tracks they have ever recorded.

Retropolis By Night follows. At just over three minutes long, this is a more spacey contribution that I find interesting, especially in terms of the clear African influences prevalent in the vocal chanting.

With the exception, maybe, of some of Gabriel's work in terms of the vocal chants, this is unlike most anything that you will come across in a symphonic prog band.

No worse for that, either. Interesting, but not stand out. Flora Majora is another instrumental piece, coming in at just short of seven minutes long.

Dominated at its start by more extremely accomplished keyboard work, backed by some solid guitar work and good rhythm section work. The tempo at this stage is on the slow side, but then the relentless upbeat nature of the music on this album reasserts itself, with very clear and defined Crimson influences, before the track becomes wholly symphonic again.

The album closes with The Road Back Home, nearly nine minutes long. It starts off in a rather slow and meditative mood, with thoughtful vocals backed by sensitive guitar and keyboard work.

The guest soprano sax is back on this track three minutes in, and it is another lovely passage, with some more intricate guitar, backed by delicate swirling keys which lead to a more dominant keyboard solo passage, again somewhat reminiscent of Banks in his pomp glory days of the mid 70's.

Stolt has rarely sounded better in both vocals and guitar as he leads the song to a lovely, grandiose, conclusion.

An excellent piece of music. Along with Stardust We Are, this is a Flower Kings album that I would recommend to all readers of this review who have yet to take the plunge into the band's incredible output, but are not sure where to start.

There is something here for all prog fans, especially those who really appreciate a band who can play and lift the mood, with influences, though palpable, never blinding us away from the originality on display.

I rate this album a very strong four stars, deprived of the perfect five only by the couple of pointless throwaway tracks and the disappointing Silent Sorrow.

Highly recommended, and an excellent addition to any prog rock collection. After the strange and ultimately pointless Rhythm of Life, the album kicks off with the title track, which is an entirely insturmental 11 minute track that never wastes a single moment.

This actually reminds me of a combination between Yes' Close To The Edge, and some of King Crimson's instrumental jams such as the Devil's Triangle, but it all comes together so perfectly with how it manages to paint such a vivid picture, made so amazing by to exquisite use of synths and mellotron.

Funnily enough, in contrast to the previous album the next song I find truly memorable and amazing is The Melting Pot, another instrumental.

This is not to say that the previous 2 songs aren't good, they're actually excellent, filled with emotion and power, with sweeping melodies and tasteful solos, with amazing interplay between the bass and guitar, it's just that I don't seem to remember much of these ones no matter how many times I listen to them, although I wouldn't call them filler.

The Melting Pot on the other hand immediately hooked me with its more off kilter nature and its prominent use of the saxophone, all around having a somewhat more avant garde sound to it and making effective use of more ambient passages.

The album continues in amazing fashion with SIlent Sorrow, which I consider the quivalent to My Cosmic Lover, both having a different, more pop oriented sound, being more catchy than complex or grandiose, only difference being that Silent Sorrow is good.

Not just good actually, downright amazing, being one of my favourites off this album in fact, as it has the normal kind of uplifting beauty of The Flower Kings, backed up by such lovely melodies and incredible keyboard usage, not to mention the stunning guitar solo.

The Judas Kiss continues the absolutely stunning pace of the album, just like with Go West Judas, being the darkest cut off the album, and honestly sounding pretty similar, although not enough so to be considered overly derivative.

The sounds of the church organ and the much more grandiose sound to everything actually reminds me of something I'd hear from a Castlevania game, which is always a massive positive in my book.

Of the final 3 songs, while none are bad, it's mostly the closer that truly stands out to me, not because of doing anything particularly out of the ordinary for this album, but just because all of its best elements culminate here to produce a composition that closes everything off perfectly, with the sort of finality that one would expect to hear in a closing track.

Definitely a massive improvement over their first album for me, taking the amazing, expansive instrumental passages that impressed me so much, and then making the entire album a much more cohesive experience less rife with filler, each song having purpose, with the instrumental ones being significantly more fleshed out and interesting.

The more mysterious tone is not offset by the amazing optimism possessed b the band either, the way they're able to sound so happy without being simultaneously painfully cheesy is without a doubt one of their biggest strong points along with their vivid imagery.

I was initially somewhat hesitant to listen to much more b The Flower Kings after my initial disappointment, but this album has definitely changed m mind on that, and I'm eager to see how they handle one of their insanely large double albums, as I'm now feeling more optimistic that it won't be as bloated as I had expected.

Retropolis displays the songwriting techniques and sound of many classic prog bands, but then has a slightl more modern twist to it, along with having a better understanding of what makes a good instrumental break than some of the classics did at times Looking at you Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Fragmented, but with some Great Tracks. While one can pick The second studio album of The Flower Kings "Retropolis" which was recorded is the next album for me to review.

It is a quite long lasting album with a lot of music to listen to. Sometimes it seems that one of the great groups questioned by paying homage to the greats of the genre is The Flower Kings.

The reality is that the progressive symphonic rock should not credited with anybody in full. With the greatness that Back in the World of Adventures achieved, its successor definitely had some boots to fill.

Infact, if this and BitWoA were a double album, I may not have noticed; but this doesn't mak Report this review Posted by Mr. Mustard Friday, June 15, Review Permanlink.

Here is the second official outing by TFK, which is perfectly in line with the predecessor "Back in the World of Adventures".

This one will not disorient you, if you have enjoyed the first. It is another very good production, very symphonic, which is their trade-mark, where all the music is eas This has a good strat and a ni I have spent the best part of the last six weeks listening to all the albums from The Flower Kings.

This is the first of my reviews during the next seven days. I have allready done the first album.

I guess I gave it four stars. Retropolis is great to the ear and an instant hit. To the reviewers who say this album is retro, I say, well duh!!!

Of course it is retro, it is meant to be. In fact, all songs but the title track and, I believe, the short Bodin compositions were written in the 70's.

Basically Stolt wanted to record some old stuff of his that he still liked, Just a bit better than Flower Power. At least shorter.

Even the dynamic beginning of the best song, Flora Majora is interrupted with an ambient section, which adds nothing but ruins the song Why do they do this?

Why dont they hire another producer? They have succeeded in still making an album of higher quality to their surprisingly epic-filled good first album.

The style is still not very different, and this is not very creative music except for maybe still 'melting pot'.

However, this will still be GOO Retropolis is a concept album about a city called Retropolis, a place where everything is possible and time doesn't play a role.

The whole album is a bombastic masterpiece, it really makes you think you would be in a different world and it contains some true killer-songs like "Retropolis", "There This second effort by TFK follows the same style as the previous one with even more emphasis on retro-prog writing, vintage keyboards sounds with more use of Hammond, Mellotron and moog-like solos, and with the same excellent guitar playing by Roine Stolt.

His voice fits well the ballads like I'm a fan of this band, but "Retropolis" it's just a good album. It's far from the first one "Back To the reviewers who say this album is "retro", I say, "well duh!!!

Basically Stolt wanted to record some old stuff of his that he still l Flower kings at the early stage Anyhow i think this wonderful work are quite supreme Stolt have never sai Rhythm Of Life : funny senseless intro 2.

Retropolis : incredible majestic instrumental piece. Symphonic KB riffs, coupled with truly soaring guitar solos. You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not.

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. This is well played but every bit seems to be borrowed from the 70's giants.

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